• Trying to control bed bugs in your home?

    • Make sure you do not use pesticides made for garden or agricultural use.
    • Do not use homemade products or custom formulation “Purchase product from licensed Store”.

    Controlling bed bugs by yourself is a difficult and time consuming, making your home bed bugs free will involve moving furniture, household goods and personal items. Once you decide to clean your home from bed bugs, make a temporary clean zone and follow the below steps:

    • First make sure that you really have bed bugs, not fleas, ticks or some other insects, use internet or article attached images to identify the bed bugs with other insects.
    • Indeed it’s difficult to get rid of bed bugs but not impossible, so don’t panic and act smartly. Don’t throw all of your things, because you can save most of them by treatment. Make sure you cover the things with plastic bags and throw them, so they don’t spread bed bugs to other people’s home.
    • Give bed bugs and their eggs the reduced number of hiding places. If you have bed bugs on your mattress and box springs, use special bed bug covers on both your mattress and box spring. Leave the cover on for a year. As we previously mentioned make sure you buy the tested product and from authentic and certified, licensed store.
    • Don’t rush towards spraying, if you are well prepared you can stop them, put all your clothing in a plastic bag and send them to laundry. Use extreme high rinsing.
    • If necessary spray all the corners, crevices, bed corners and the places in your room where you have seen bed bugs. “Research Internet for Purchasing the best available Bed Bug Spray, Powder or whatever you think is feasible.”
    • Reduce the number of bed bugs to reduce the bites, vacuum rugs, floors, furniture, bed frames, under beds around bed legs and all the cracks and crevices around the room.
    • If you think you can’t go through all this time taking process, hire an experienced, responsible pest control professional and you can get better results. Make sure you hire pest control Company with good reputation.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask under the comments section.